About the Stay Safe! Jam

In December 2019 the coronavirus disease was first identified in 2019 in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei China, and has since spread globally, resulting in the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic. As science, social responsibility and common sense prohibit the gathering of large crowds in times of Corona, the Stay Safe! Jam is designed to motivate game developers worldwide to stay at home, create a game within 48 hours and thus actively do their part in the fight against the virus.

The goals of the Stay Safe! Jam are:

  • To promote the power of community through games
  • To raise awareness of the dire need for a unified response to the pandemic
  • To help the public understand the necessity to reduce IRL interactions, to stop the spread of the disease
  • To create a safe space for game developers to process and creatively express themselves in light of the current situation

The Stay Safe! Jam was devised by Jan Cosfeld, the Art Director at NUKKLEAR in March 2020, and would not have been made possible with the help from many companies, organizations and individuals. A full list of our supporters can be found here: https://staysafejam.org/credits