Be creative

  • Work solo or collaborate with your friends on your entry
  • The theme of the Stay Safe! Jam will be announced when the Jam starts. Feel free to follow it as loosely as you like, but keep in mind that it will be considered in the voting process.
  • Use any tools, engines, frameworks or libraries that you own or have licensed.
  • You are free to use any assets or content that you own or have licensed.

Please be aware that the released games need to adhere to the CC license standard. Therefore no part of your work should be restricted in any way that prohibits the publication of the work (

Be awarded

  • Our supporters have been kind enough to provide some rewards for your efforts (to be announced)
  • Entries will be voted on by anyone who submits an entry.
  • Voting categories will be announced soon

Be family-friendly

  • No overtly sexual or pornographic content
  • No racist/sexist/homophobic or NSFW content
  • Follow the Community Rules and Terms of Service ( (

Stay Safe

  • Make sure you have food prepared and available, so you're energized throughout the jam!
  • Drink plenty to stay hydrated.
  • Get a good night’s rest, an overworked mind works slower and less efficiently than a well-rested one.
  • We want everyone to have fun at this event and not to stress out or overexert yourself. Stay healthy, stay safe!